How to subscribe?

Subscribing to the HKAF is a fairly simple process - 'HKAF Subscription Process' (PDF: 128k) diagram:

  1. DETERMINE if any of the HKAF Subscription Plans suits your organization's need.
  2. CHECK the eligibility of your organization against the HKAF Eligibility Policy (PDF: 61k).
  3. EVALUATE the ability of the organization to comply with the HKAF Federation Policy (PDF: 171k).
  4. PERFORM the HKAF Subscription Readiness Assessment.

The HKAF Operator Team will contact you to follow up. If you pass the assessment, you can continue with the following steps:

  1. TRY and EXPERIMENT the connection with the HKAF in the Test Federation.
  2. ENSURE the compliance of your organisation with the HKAF Federation Policy.
  3. (If your organization is applying for FULL membership of HKAF) READ the 'HKAF Level-1 Identity Assurance Compliance Declaration Guide' (EXCEL: 32k) for guidance on how to declare your organization's compliance with the requirements in the 'HKAF Level-1 Identity Assurance Profile' (PDF: 96k) and how to provide the corresponding supporting information.
  4. COMPLETE the 'HKAF Membership Application Form' provided by the HKAF Operator Team, the 'HKAF Level-1 Identity Assurance Compliance Evaluation Form' (WORD: 75.5k) (if applicable) and the corresponding 'Identity Management Practice Statement' (WORD: 70.4k) form (if applicable) and SUBMIT it to the HKAF Operator Team.

The HKAF Operator Team will evaluate the compliance of your organization with the HKAF Federation Policy (and associated documents) and the HKAF Level-1 Identity Assurance Profile (if applicable), and make recommendation on the approval of your application to the HKAF Steering Committee. If the HKAF Steering Committee approves your application, you can continue with the following steps:

  1. COMPLETE the HKAF Membership Agreement (WORD: 51.3k) and SUBMIT it to the HKAF Operator Team.
  2. PAY your Annual Subscription Fee.
  3. IMPLEMENT your Identity Provider and /or Service Provider in the Production Federation.